It's an exclusive template we did for our honor client, and then he agreed we will share this


OrionKit Nemesis is the template with classic layout and modern features. It's flexible and can be set for various types of sites.

It's available in both versions Free and PRO
Free version has limited functionality and no support priority.

Main Features

WYSIWYG Customizer
Slideshow header New!
3 Sidebar Schemes
6 sections Top and Bottom
Simple elements(Email, Phone, Social links etc) which can be displayed in different places
Side Slider modules position
And Much more

Important Note: - To display your main menu on mobiles, you should save as copy your main menu, publish and assign it to the "offcanvas" module position.
This template doesn't do menu for mobiles automatically as previous ones, because this one has lots of positions for your main menu - topbar-1-left, topbar-1-right topbar-2-left etc, it's up to you where to use main menu.
As it's classic layout it's recommended to use in position topbar-3-left or topbar-3-right(be sure you selected elements-module there)

If you found a bug please report here

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Documentation is the same as Orion Pro(click here) as it's on same framework with the slight difference. More docs and videos will be added later

Free VS Pro

FeaturesFreeOrion Pro
All of the core features
Element Animations 5 effects 39 effects
Main menu - multicolumn
Main menu - click drop-down
Icon dropdown modules 1 10
Side sliding panels 1-Top 4-All sides
Sidebar styles 2 - Clean and Boxed(simple gray) 7 various
Page Preloader .
Scroll to top button
Copyright removal
Customizer(change design of page elements) Header and Sections only Almost all elements

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$20 and within One Year you can download all existing Pro extensions and all which will be developed, and they will, just believe us)))

Free version

Created: 2019-06-23
Version: 1.0.2
License: GNU/GPL link_extern.gif
Size: 1.58 MB

Changelog: Fixed small bug - inactive menu button in mobiles if used header image filter

PRO version(you should be the PRO subsriber to see and download files)

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