Unique Template/Module.

If you want unique designs or special functions for the template or any module we can offer to do it for you based up our existing templates and modules.
These services charged at an hourly rate:
Up to 4 hours - 25$ per hour
Plus 4 hours - 100$ plus 10$ every next hour starting from 5th.

Approximate calculations:
Small changes usually take 1-2 hours
Full rebuilding or a new template on our framework can take between 5-10 hours.

How it works.
You should contact us and provide us with your desired design and technical specification.
After we discuss all details we can calculate how much time it will take.

Additional Notes:
1 - Hours are the summary time, not real time. For example 2 hours doesn't mean the project will be in two hours, it can be postponed or be in an queue (for example usually a request for 1-2 hour will be finished withing 24-48 hours time period).

2- The working time will not change once we confirm it and the fee. For example if we quote 3 hours and it takes us 5 hours you would only be charged for 3 hours as per quote.

3 -We cannot guarantee that the feature we do for you will not be used in our next updates or new extensions, because it maybe already in development for future updates, but if your feature is very specific, don't worry, we only add elements which are likely to be widely used

Important Note: If you ordered a custom template based on OrionKit Pro, it will not be upgraded with new features(which can be added to default OrionKit Pro) because it counts as new one. If you want to add them you may order service again.

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