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Time to get Pro Subscription cheap and get chance to help us only:

Hi, we just updated the module - rewrote js script 'Match the Cards' which makes images and cards...

We just released the new free module Content Cards.Forget about boring modules to display...

I just published Qickstart package as you asked, it works in subdirectoryes(like as well, except...


OrionKit Pro is a multistyle template where you can change the look of your site in a couple of clicks
Note - It's still a BETA, if you feel brave, go pro and use it.

template admin

Powerful administrator Dashboard

Top Slider
Page & Content Width
Header Elements
3 Top and 3 Bottom Panels.
Customizer with live preview
And much much more

If you have any question write it here in comments.
If you are Pro Member submit a topic in Support Forum.

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template customizerVisual Customizer

Easy to customize template if you see how it looks without saving and reload a page.