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Orion Mintaka

The Multi-purpose Template, with a lot of inner elements which you can configure for your site

Main Features

  • WYSIWYG Customizer
  • 3 Width Layouts
  • 4 Sidebar Schemes
  • 20 Top and Bottom sections
  • 10 Icon modules
  • Simple elements(Email, Phone, Social links etc) which can be displayed in different places
  • Top Slider module
  • And Much more

IMPORTANT NOTE - After installation you should open template(Extensions-Templates-orion_mintaka or Extensions-Templates-Styles-orion_mintaka ) at least one time and save. Template should write default parameters in database. Don't do template default just by clicking icon "Set default" without opening, as it will show error

Note: Please be aware, this template doesn't work in sub-directory like try for test/development sites to use sub-domain instead - like We work on fixing the paths, but for now it's not ready yet.


Version:1.1.2(1.1.3 pro ver)
Date added:2017-05-17
Last updated:2017-10-06


Version 1.1.3(2017-10-06) Pro only for now, the free version coming soon

fixed the bugs - file paths If your server has the specific settings or you test new site in the sub-directory(like

Version 1.1.2(2017-07-16) Pro only

Fixed bug - customizing navbar.

Version 1.1.0(2017-06-08)

 Improved administrator dashboard and customizer, fixed bugs to display  in Joomla! 3.7

All of the core features All of the core features
  38 extra animation
  full customizer
  Extra elements
  Extra features
  and much more...

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