OK Mega Menu

Do you want to have same menu as on this site, try this package(here used version Pro)

Advanced Joomla! menu system with extra options.
It's a nice alternative to the standard menu module.  You can add to your menu items icons and subtitles, set the background and colors. Also you can select different types of dropdown like tree, accordion, multi column with image preview or without. Submenu items can dropdown by hover or click.

Note: Module has just released - it's BETA yet. If you found a bug, please report Here, Want to be informed in time about new versions Click Here

Menu item icons 1598 1598
Customization - background, colors, shadows
Mobile options - offcanvas or slider
Horizontal mode - three
Vertical mode - accordion
Dropdown mode - hover
Horizontal mode - Mega multicolumn
Horizontal mode - Mega multicolumn with preview
Dropdown mode - click
Menu item subtitles
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Last Update:2022-05-22
Type:Free and Pro
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  • 0.9.1 - Fixed some minor css bugs. Added versions for Joomla! 4


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