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OK Content Cards Panel

This module displays the articles from one or more categories as the nice cards in vertical or horizontal mode. You can sort articles by date, hits, rating, votes etc. It's fully customizable, has friendly interface and lot of options.

Based on Joomla! Articles - Category module this module inherited all its features plus new features like:

- Vertical or Horizontal orientation
- Image source, Info image or Full Article Image
- Custom Default Image(displayed if no article image)
- Two article title styles, in card content or on the image
- Custom background and text colors
- 7 Border/shadow styles
- Option to match cards, makes all cards same height to be balanced

Note: Advanced version for Pro subscribers will be released soon

Date added:2018-05-26
Last updated:2018-07-24


ver 1.0.3

Fixed minor bugs
Note - customizing options moved to the separate tab

ver 1.0.2

was rewrote js script 'Match the Cards' which makes images and cards same height for the more balanced look in horizontal mode(problem was not finaly fixed in the previous update)

ver 1.0.1
fixed small bug - match the cards(makes images and cards same height if the option activated)

As this module based on Standard Joomla! "Articles - Category" module, the most settings are the same and here some documentation for additional settings.

How to add the image into the cards.

All you need is to select any image in one of the article standard field.
You can select the source from where your module will take the image and for now it's the intro image or full article image(note - probably in next version we will add one more option - to grab the image from aticle text/body)
If the image field is empty the module show the default image(you can change it as well).
See the screenshot to understand where to ad the image.

cc img selection

Documentation will be updated soon...
If it's not enough information for you just ask a quesion in the comments)


Date 2018-07-24
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