backend 2OK Landing Page

The Joomla! Component for creating the nice Landing Pages, Homepage or any other content with the nice and modern design.
User-friendly with clean and intuitive interface allow you to build multiple sections pages within a few minutes!
Released in 2021 the component is in the active developer and new apps appear monthly.

Joomla! 4 Information

orion proDue to the fact that Joomla! 4 was released recently, extensions and templates will be re do for it  ASAP

List of ready Extensions and Templates:

1. Template - Orion Pro 

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    As Templates were upgraded from Joomla 3 something could be missed, Joomla 4 has much difference in its code
    If you find any bugs please report Here

  • Note about Free Templates and Extensions

    Free Joomla! 3 templates will not be upgraded to Joomla! 4
    What to do?
    Use Pro
    If you are registered you will receive an email with 50% discount coupon - it will be less than couple ofcups of coffee for minimal Pro subscribtion

  • Roadmap For Other Extensions

    The next will be:

    • Module - OK Content Cards Panel
    • Module - OK Animated Card Panel
    • Module - OK Background Video

    Rest Pro Templates and Extensions by request

    Stable version of the Landing Pages Component , and the multi style template OSS Galaxy(in developing) also will be released both in J3 and J4

Ok Mega Menu

A new module - Ok Mega Menu coming soon
This module replace and extend the default menu module.
It has more options like icons, subtitles, color settings etc.
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