Orion Nebula

Note: There's a problem using this extension in Joomla 3.6(color field in settings) - please wait for update.

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Modular template with Smart Header and animated panels

Main features:

3 Page layout
Standard(modern). boxed and Combi(combined).

Smart header
Classic. Full width module. Modules panel. Article image background.

Smart Navbar.
3 options for background. 3 sticky. Collapsed Search .

Full width. Custom and preset image. Fixed Background.

Admin Panel
Collapsed Accordion notes and tips. Modal config windows.

Horizontal and vertical menus. Copyright text. Social Icons.


The Software Is Provided "AS Is", Without Warranty Of Any Kind, Express Or Implied, Including But Not Limited To The Warranties Of Merchantability, Fitness For A Particular Purpose And Noninfringement.

Release Note: 

This template will be RE BUILT when we finish our new framework(we decided to change much of structure and base components).
Current version you can use on your own risk.

Don't worry it's ok  - just we desided to do new framework more easy to manage, and more effective:)


Note: Don't install Quick Start in subdirectories(or template if your site in subdirectory) like http://localhost/site/ or http://mysite.com/site/ use root directories of domain, subdomain or virtual domains(for local servers)

you will get path error(no image backgrounds) and error like this
Warning: getimagesize(test-install/templates/orion_nebula/images/logo.png): failed to open stream: ....... orion_nebula/orion/helpers/template_global_vars.php on line 50
we will try to find any solution for this soon

Note 2: Quick Start Package Demo - is a almoust full copy of Nebula Demo. It's rather big as have some demo data(images, modules, and couple of components). Also as it's beta there can be left files, codes for development)))

List of Quick Start Package

Joomla! 3.5.1
Akeeba Backup
JCE - editor
OK Slideshow
OK Parallax
OK Custom Panel
OK Font Awesome Panel
OK YT VideoBackground
Plagin - AddToMenu


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August 11 2016

  • Fixed bug - wrong path of some JS

Options added:

  • Preloader
  • Scroll to top
  • 9 aniation dropdown effects for main top menu

Jule 16 2016

  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Redone Top menu
  • Breadcrumbs module adapted for footer-top module position

May 13 2016

  • Fixed couple minor bugs.
  • Made quickstart package smaller(removed not needful files).

If you report a bug - please make sure it hadn't been already fixed in documentation or chengelog(if exist).
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