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Orion Pro

Orion Pro is a multi style template which can be easy transformed to modern, classic and other styles.
Note: This is a BETA for testing only, the stable version will be not compatible with this one, ie you have to do some more settings after the update.

Orion Pro is a long term project and rather differs from previous. Instead of releasing the new templates we decided to add new styles to the only Pro template.
1. Our framework allows easily to switch between styles and layouts, so no sense to do dozens templates.
2. It's easyer to switch any style instead to install new templates and assign them to the pages.
3. It's easy to update and add new features for the only mega template instead to add to dozen ones or leave them without new features.

It's ready the only style Saiph for now.

Two new - Bellatrix, Sirius and Saiph2(just new features) are coming in February 2018
Nemesis and some others will be in the upgrades in March-May


Note: Quickstart demo package(for better understanding) will be added in ver 1.0.0(when will be ready at least two styles).

Main Features

  • WYSIWYG Customizer
  • 3 Width Layouts
  • 3 Sidebar Schemes
  • 6 Top and Bottom sections
  • 10 Icon modules
  • Simple elements(Email, Phone, Social links etc) which can be displayed in different places
  • Top Slider module
  • And Much more

IMPORTANT NOTE - After installation you should open template(Extensions-Templates) at least one time and save. Template should write default parameters in database. Don't do template default just by clicking icon "Set default" without opening, as it will show an error

Note: Please be aware, this template might not work in sub-directory like try for test/development sites to use sub-domain instead - like 
Test Saiph free template before to subscribe(it's a fork of this one with limited functions)

Date added:2017-05-17
Last updated:2017-10-06


Important Note: Before to update the emplate please read how to do it here

Version 0.9.1

Fixed the bugs - display copyright text and footer element.
Improved - Admin dashboard customizer(js, css)
New - Re done footer, we simply replaced the module footer-wide with a block which consists now 4 elements starting from module ending our elements.. So if you before besides 4 footer module could have plus one big module(50%) now you can have the big block with four elements 50 or 30%, left or right...

new footer demo...


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