Who We Are?

Hi! I'm Alex(alexgreen, Alexander, Sasha).

I am a founder of the project and i'm russian but work in UK for a long time - anyway excuse my english.

I'm a designer and a little php/js programer:)

2nd person is Denny - he's real programer but lazy:)

Also we have Andrew -  Londoner, but he is mostly correct our bad English:)

We do this project when we have free time from main work - but we want this project became our main work.

So if you like our project you can help us - just do donations:)

Our Products

All our products we offer - the templates and modules we did for our own projects and then desided to share them.
We are going to do showcase of our works and sites done using our templates(coming soon - we didn't expect so much people use our templates:)))

Our Templates

We had the big experience to do sites on Joomla! using most famous frameworks(T3, Warp7), but ones we realised they don't meet our requirements any more, and decided to do our own framework - with easy and intuitive interface and functions(just for our clients... not so complicated as some other famous frameworks).
So we decided and we did - maybe our framework is not so good as other but we love it as did it for us and as we want:)
Keep in mind our template framework is still in development(done maybe 30-40% of we want) and we add new features to it for every upgrade and new template.

We also work on our own cms - and if you do small sites or landing pages you will be happy as our cms will be exaxtly for landing pages and small sites..

just we also somitimes have an orders to do landing or small sites and it's stupid to install Joomla!, drupal etc for it and it's stupid to do it in pure html - best solution is to have mini cms without external database(best solution is text file SQlite)...
so we work on it and it will be based on KISS principle and KISS CMS
but this project in the future