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OK Animated Card Panel

OK Animated Card Panel

OK Animated Card Panel module allows you add 1-4 nice parallel or stacked cards. It's useful for homepages and can also be used for colorful intros, testimonials, advertisement and other kinds of content.
Parallax Slider

Parallax Slider

Simple horizontal parallax slider with the options to have Title, description, button and image in its container.
Template - Rigel

Template - Rigel

Rigel is one of the brightest star in the constellation of Orion and is the name we have given our new template. The Rigel template is beautifully designed and will make your website stand out from the rest.

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Updated the Ken Burns Slideshow - you asked we did.
This slideshow makes the images alive.

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Beautifully designed templates and modules to give your site a stunning and unique look.


All our modules developed to add functionality to templates.

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Ultimate control with the intuitive settings manager and a user friendly interface.

The Multi-purpose Template with classic layout but modern features and lots of inner elements



OK Magic Scroll - the first our component is coming soon


More info about MagicScroll

OK MagicScroll component(coming soon)

OK MagicScroll is a component for both home and landing pages, the alpha version you can see right now on this page. The reason we decided to do this component is - we often design sites and realised it's rather boring to do landing pages using the modules. We tried the page-builders, they have nice functions but we wanted to have the component with smooth scrolling effect and the dotted navigation bar(and as we want).

In summary the component is the page manager where the pages consist of sections, with text, boxes etc (every section is a dotted navigation link). For now we did just the first few steps, and the component hasn't got so many features, but it's a long term project and possible features are almost endless - we going to add new features and will update.

Fill in the form below if you are interested in trying it put the stable release is coming soon in September, October.

More demos are coming soon)

Inform Me when MagicScroll will be released